Sets the rectangle of the groupBox titleBar to have rounded corners instead of "square" corners.


window/userObject level
of_setRoundTitleBar(Boolean roundTitleBar)
dataWindow level
of_setRoundTitleBar(Long item, Boolean roundTitleBar)
of_setRoundTitleBar(String item, Boolean roundTitleBar)


Name Type Description
item Long or String The name or index of the groupBox for which the titleBar's attribute is to be set. The name of the groupBox is the name the programmer gave when of_addgroupBox or of_replaceGroupBox was called. The name of the groupBox is also the text displayed for the groupBox. The index of the groupBox is the same as the value returned when of_addgroupBox or of_replaceGroupBox was called
roundTitleBar Boolean Indicates whether or not the titleBar of the groupBox is to have rounded corners, TRUE = rounded and FALSE = square

Return Value



When the method is called from a window/userObject level groupBox, there is no item parameter. When the method is called from a dataWindow level, the item is required to locate the correct groupBox.

The groupBox must have the titleBar attribute set to TRUE in order for this method to have any affect.


n_cst_groupBox   lnvo_groupBox
lnvo_groupBox    = CREATE n_cst_groupBox


Long             ll_item
ll_item          = lnvo_groupBox.of_addGroupBox('Settings')

lnvo_groupBox.of_setTileBar(ll_item, TRUE)
lnvo_groupBox.of_setRoundTitleBar(ll_item, TRUE)

DESTROY lnvo_groupBox

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