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Adds a separator item to a group on the XPlistBar.


of_addSeparator({long group})
of_addSeparator({string group})


Name Type Description
group Long or String The group index or name to which a separator is to be added. The name of the group is the name the programmer gave when of_addGroup was called or when of_setText was last called. The group index is the same as the value returned when of_addGroup was called.

Return Value

Returns a long containing the index of the item.


When using this method, separators are added sequentially to the indicated group.

The visible property of separators is handled automatically by the XPListBar's update logic. Hanging separators, ones at the end or beginning, are not shown. Also, if items are added in such a way as to create two adjacent separators, the second one is hidden so the user only sees one separator.



Long                   ll_group
ll_group               = of_addGroup('File', '', '')


Cannot resolve image macro, invalid image name or id.

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