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Lot of flickering when using splitbar


There is a lot of flickering when the split bar has been moved while redrawing the screen according the new split bar location.

Looking at the actual code in pfc_u_splitbar, the method of_moved() does not disable parent control redraw using a setredraw(false) method.

Using modified code provided in attachment will solve this little problem.


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cjharris02892 wrote Sep 16, 2016 at 5:12 PM


Thank you for the report. I think I have addressed the problem reported in Beta 4.1. The fix was addressed directly in the dwGUI objects because not everyone using these objects is using the PFC.

I'm on the PFC team, as I know you are, do you want to add this fix there or I can add it if you don't have time? It is a good fix for others using the PFC.

wrote Dec 1 at 8:28 PM