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Occurs when the user changes the bitmap size displayed on the toolbar using the context-sensitive right-click menu. It is fired from the ue_context_size event, which in turn is fired from the menu.


Name Script Variable Type Passed By Description
old height vl_oldHeight Long Value The previous height of the toolbar
new height vl_newHeight Long Value The new height of the toolbar

Return Values



This event is useful when there are objects that have sizes dependent on the size of the toolbar. Code can be added here to adjust their size and keep the visual presentation to the user correct.


// In this example a window has two objects, a toolbar is "stacked" directly above a dataWindow
// When the toolbar height is changed, the dataWindow's height must also change

// Move the datawindow based on the toolBar's new height
dw_options.Move(uo_toolBar.X, uo_toolBar.Height)

// Adjust the height of the datawindow also based on the toolBar's new height
dw_options.Resize(uo_toolBar.Width, dw_options.Height - (vl_newHeight - vl_oldHeight)

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