Sets the image of an item.


of_setImage(Long item, String image)
of_setImage(String item, String image)


Name Type Description
item Long or String The name or index of button for which the visible indicator is to be set. The name of the button is the name the programmer gave when of_addItem was called or when of_setText was last called. The name is the text displayed for a toolbar when display text is enabled. The index of the button is the same as the value returned when of_addItem was called
image String A string containing the filename of the image to be displayed as the item's image. May also contain the name of a PowerBuilder built-in image, i.e. Open!

Return Value

Return SUCCESS (1) if successful and FAILURE (-1) if en error occurs.


This is used to change or set the image of an item that has already been added to the toolbar.



of_setImage('Open', 'Copy.png')


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