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Sets the checked/unchecked state of an item.


of_setChecked(Long item, Boolean switch)
of_setChecked(String item, Boolean switch)


Name Type Description
item Long or String The name or index of button for which the checked indicator is to be set. The name of the button is the name the programmer gave when of_addItem was called or when of_setText was last called. The name is the text displayed for a toolbar when display text is enabled. The index of the button is the same as the value returned when of_addItem was called
switch Boolean Indicates the state to which the item is to be set, TRUE = Checked and FALSE = Unchecked.

Return Value

Returns SUCCESS (1) if successful and FAILURE (-1) if en error occurs.


Checked is achieved by drawing a highlight box around the item with a background color of 3DLight.

The highlight background will display the normal highlight color when the cursor is placed of the item and return to 3DLight when the cursor is moved.

The checked indicator is also set when the item is included in the drop menu when not all items are listed.


of_setChecked('Open', FALSE)

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