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This XPListBar object is for developers to use in programs developed in PowerBuilder. The look and feel of the XPListBar is similar to those found in XP, Kodigo, PowerToTheBuilder, etc. It supports groups, text, separators and resizing.

What makes the XPListBar offering unique is that it is written in PowerBuilder using the dataWindow object as its means of transport. The XPListBar, for all intents and purposes, is a datawindow placed on a window/userObject. It takes advantage of features built into the dataWindow and uses only Windows API calls and calls into the PBVMxxx.dll. There are no other "external" DLLs or PBNI code.


The documentation provided is an implementation guide for programmers wishing to include this object in their PowerBuilder projects.


  • visual queue when XPListBar gets/loses focus
  • toolTips
  • right-mouse click context sensitive menu to change run-time look
  • resizing
  • images support of standard PowerBuilder supported picture types (bmp, gif, jpg, png, rle and wmf)
  • internal pictures, i.e. Open!, Save!, Comment!, etc.

The XPListBar object does NOT support:

  • themes, instead the object uses system color settings for its appearance

Future XPListBar enhancements planned:

  • keyboard interface, via up/down arrows keys once the XPListBar has focus
  • 16/24/32/48 pixels picture sizes

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