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This groupBox object is for developers to use in programs developed in PowerBuilder. The look and feel of the toolBar is similar to those found in Kodigo, Visual Studio, PowerToTheBuilder, etc.

What makes the groupBox offering unique in that it is written in PowerBuilder using the dataWindow object as its means of transport. The groupBox, for all intents and purposes, is a datawindow placed on a window/userObject. It takes advantage of features built into the dataWindow and uses only Windows API calls and calls into the PBVMxxx.dll. There are no other "external" DLLs or PBNI code.


Include dwgui.pbl in your project.

If you do not use the PFC, include dwgui_PFC.pbl as well. The PFC objects are provided as a courtesy. The main requirements from the PFC are n_cst_color (in general), n_cst_numerical.of_bitWiseAnd(), n_cst_string.of_globalReplace() and n_cst_string.of_parseToArray(). If you have your own versions of these routines, feel free to modify your copy of the code accordingly. These are modified copies of the corresponding PFC objects and should not be used to replace any PFC objects already in your project.

The PFC objects contained in the dwGUI_PFC_textOnly.pbl are only provided to make the test window work and are not needed to use the groupBox in your project. These are modified copies of the corresponding PFC objects and should not be used to replace any PFC objects already in your project.

Once you have your target updated, placing u_cst_groupBox from the dwgui.pbl on an object will provide you with the groupBox capability contained in this project.

In order to create dataWindow level stylized groupBoxes, you first need to instantiate n_cst_groupBox and then call of_register to connect the groupBox service to the datawindow. You may then create and manipulate groupBoxes on your dataWindow.


General return conditions
Name Value Description
SUCCESS 1 Successful completion
NO_ACTION 0 No action was taken
FAILURE -1 Failed completion
Picture Sizes
Name Value Description
SMALL 16 Displays pictures as 16x16 pixels
MEDIUM 24 Displays pictures as 24x24 pixels
LARGE 32 Displays pictures as 32x32 pixels
XLARGE 48 Displays pictures as 48x48 pixels
Text Alignment
Name Value Description
LEFT 0 Aligns groupBox text to the left side of the groupBox
RIGHT 1 Not currently used
CENTER 2 Centers the groupBox text
JUSTIFY 3 Not currently used


Set at design time for window/userObject level implementations, methods are provided for dataWindow level implementations

Name Type Default Description Corresponding Method
#Text String Text to display as title for the groupBox of_setText
#CenterText Boolean FALSE Centers text left-to-right in the groupBox title of_setTextAlignment
#RoundGroupBox Boolean TRUE Determines whether or not the groupBox is displayed with rounded corners of_setRoundGroupBox
#TitleBar Boolean FALSE Draws a titleBar area to hold the image and text of the groupBox, something like a window titleBar of_setTitleBar
#TitleBarAsTab Boolean FALSE If a titleBar is selected, the titleBar can be drawn as a tab as opposed to the entire width of the groupBox of_setTitleBarAsTab
#RoundTitleBar Boolean FALSE The titleBar can be drawn with square or round corners independent of the overall groupBox selection of_setRoundTitleBar
#FontFace String Tahoma Used to determine the type face of the text displayed on the toolbar of_setFont
#FontSize Long 8 Determines the size used for the type face of the text displayed on the toolbar. Currently, only 8 pt is actually supported of_setFont
#Bold Boolean FALSE Sets the groupBox text to bold of_setTextBold
#Italic Boolean FALSE Sets the groupBox text to italic of_setTextItalic
#Underline Boolean FALSE Sets the groupBox text to underline of_setTextUnderline
#StrikeOut Boolean FALSE Sets the groupBox text to strikeout of_setTextStrikeOut
#PictureName String Name of the bitMap to display of_setImage
#BitMapSize Long 16 Indicates the size of the pictures displayed on the toolbar and causes the size of the toolbar to change to accommodate the pictures. Valid choices are SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE AND XLARGE. Currently, only SMALL is actually supported
#ToolTipDelayInitial Long 1000 How long to hover before toolTips are enabled (value in millseconds)
#ToolTipDelayVisible Long 32000 How long to display toolTips (value in milliseconds)
#ToolTipIsBubble Boolean TRUE Enables/Disables the display of toolTips as a bubble


There are no object specific events

Public Methods

Available when implemented at the window/userObject/dataWindow levels

Public Methods

Additional when implemented at the dataWindow level

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