Project Description

This project provides GUI metaphor(s) to PowerBuilder developers using the DataWindow as it's transport means.

Status of Development

Development hasn't ceased, just not much progress as of late. With the holidays, my real job, etc. I haven't had any extra time to devote to DWGUI. Work will resume soon and the next release will be mostly small enhancements to the existing object set w/the buttonBar to follow as the next major feature.


This project was developed and is maintained using PowerBuilder 12.5.2 5629.

GA1.3 has been tested with PB12.6 4035 and it should also work as far back as 11.5 w/o issue. I have 8.0 and 10.0 on an old machine and when I get time, I will reverse migrate the toolBar to 10.0 and see how it fairs.

Current GUI Metaphors


Future GUI Metaphors Planned:

  • menuBar, will allow sheets to have there own menu/toolBar separate from the frame's which can be created automatically from a standard PowerBuilder menu
  • buttonBar, proposed GUI below:
Each item would be its own button. Buttons that don't fit, as the object is resized, will be added to a toolBar at the bottom. Other suggestions and/or looks are welcome. It would be very easy to support another look-and-feel or even support multiple buttonBars.
  • favoritesBar, a la Internet Explorer
  • shortCutBar, as in OutLook
  • startButton, will take a PowerBuilder menu and build a start button object which can be created automatically from a standard PowerBuilder menu
  • W10Tiles, a la Windows 10
  • smartTiles, basically arranging tiles/buttons as you would do on a smartPhone

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