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Project Description

This project provides GUI metaphor(s) to PowerBuilder developers using the DataWindow as it's transport means.

Status of Development

After a fairly long absence due to outside interference, I have actively rebooted development of this project. First thing on the agenda is PowerBuilder 2017 support, which has been completed. While there is not an active download, you should be able to connect to the source code and pull down n_cst_dwGUI.sru. If you replace this object in your local version and migrate to PowerBuilder 2017, the dwGUI objects should work. I have tested the sample project using PowerBuilder 2017 Trial Version and everything seems good-to-go. Note: The overall project has not been officially migrated to PowerBuilder 2017 in codePlex (still using PowerBuilder 12.5.2 for development).

I have also started the development of a buttonBar object. I have found 3 bugs in PowerBuilder so far that has slowed development of the proposed buttonBar. I have switched gears a bit and am working on workarounds for the PowerBuilder issues using a more "classic" style buttonBar. Below is what I have so far.
NOTE: NONE of the code for the buttonBar is checked in yet.
buttonBar Demo.png
The PowerBuilder issues I have found so far have been submitted to Appeon and at last check they have accepted 2 of them as valid and are researching the third.
I have almost all of the code done, except for 2 issues:
The focus rectangle logic isn't quite right (because of the issues I've reported to Appeon, I am having to handle focus rectangle logic myself)
There is some flickering when resizing. I think it is in the PFC objects (n_cst_resize and u_st_splitBar), but need to investigate further
Some of the features completed are:
RightClick menu to control word wrapping, text size and tool tips
Automatic handling of vertical scroll bar when list is too long, the scroll bar is added without cutting off buttons
Standard processing like enabling and visibility


This project was developed and is maintained using PowerBuilder 12.5.2 5629.

GA1.3 has been tested with PB12.6 4035 and it should also work as far back as 11.5 w/o issue. I have 8.0 and 10.0 on an old machine and when I get time, I will reverse migrate the toolBar to 10.0 and see how it fairs.

Current GUI Metaphors


Future GUI Metaphors Planned:

  • menuBar, will allow sheets to have there own menu/toolBar separate from the frame's which can be created automatically from a standard PowerBuilder menu
  • buttonBar, proposed GUI below:
Each item would be its own button. Buttons that don't fit, as the object is resized, will be added to a toolBar at the bottom. Other suggestions and/or looks are welcome. It would be very easy to support another look-and-feel or even support multiple buttonBars.
  • favoritesBar, a la Internet Explorer
  • shortCutBar, as in OutLook
  • startButton, will take a PowerBuilder menu and build a start button object which can be created automatically from a standard PowerBuilder menu
  • W10Tiles, a la Windows 10
  • smartTiles, basically arranging tiles/buttons as you would do on a smartPhone

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